2. Bundesliga’s New Ghanaian National Team members

Jasmine Hahn
6 min readJul 8, 2022

With the news of several 2. Bundesliga players available for selection through Ghana’s National team and not *that* many people who are clued up in the 2. Bundesliga due to a lack of places where you can watch the German second-tier as religiously as over here, as well as me being in recruitment, scouting and analysis in Germany, I thought to put a few profiles together of what fans of the Black Stars and general national team football observers can expect from players in this league.

Braydon Manu celebrates

For those who don’t know much between Germany-Ghana relations, the two countries have quite a strong bond and Ghanaians make up the second biggest group in Germany from another country after people from the United Kingdom.

The majority of Ghanaians that settle here are in the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen and then the areas of NRW and Hessen. (You will realise a lot of the players below are from Berlin or Hamburg youth!)

Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer (Foward)

Age: 20
Height: 183cm
Footed: Right
Team: Hamburg SV



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