2. Bundesliga players that have been picked up by Bundesliga clubs— and what to expect

Jasmine Hahn
11 min readJul 21, 2022

While the Bundesliga season doesn’t start until 5th August, the DFB Pokal kicks-off the start of the German football season for Bundesliga teams at the end of July (a week before). With the 2. Bundesliga already in full swing, some headline players from last season have been picked up by the top tier, here’s what to expect from each player who have made the jump.

*Any new editions before the closing of the Transfer window (1st September 2022) will be added at the end of the list, after the dotted break.

Kyereh was one of the players that have joined the Bundesliga from the second tier

Faride Alidou (Winger)

Hamburg SV to Eintracht Frankfurt

Faride Alidou was a “rookie” last season for the 2. Bundesliga, making his first appearances after Hamburg’s youth team promoted him to the senior ranks. But there he stayed and got an impressive 1200 minutes over 22 games. So what about this usual-left winger (with a right foot, not even used as inverted) is so good that the Europa League Champions wanted him?

He’s direct in terms of solutions with the ball and also quick, which suits the nature of Eintracht Frankfurt’s play under Oliver Glasner when it comes to…



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